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Injury/Accident Insurance

If you are an individual seeking coverage for you, or including a spouse and children, submit the small form to the right. If you’re an employer seeking coverage for employees, contact us for a custom quote.

What is accident / Injury expense Supplemental insurance?

Supplemental Insurance plans called “Gap” plans are designed to cover the deductibles and co-insurance costs of a Health Insurance plan.  Couple of facts- 80% of claims processed by Health Insurance companies are for Accidents.  This being the case, accident  and critical illness coverage are the solution.  As an example,  the best accident plan available cost $16.30/month per individual (average daily cost of just under 54 cents per individual).  This plan has a $0 deductible and will pay you up to $10,000 yearly, which is more than the current maximum out of pocket expenses on compliant Affordable Care Act plans.  Contact us to discuss this coverage option.

Our Accident/Injury insurance expense Plans can literally save you thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary medical expenses due to a family member suffering an injury.

The plan will pay for any medical expenses not covered by your insurance plan, which are incurred due to an injury!

This includes:
Deductibles | Co-Pays | Co-insurance amounts | Annual out-of-pocket limits | Chiropractic treatment | Dental treatment

Why should you consider Accident/Injury Coverage Plans?

This Grand American Plan (GAP)  is unlike any other! As a smart consumer, you should make sure you have the best coverage for your money, take a look at what GAP has to offer and choose for yourself:

Gaps in Health Coverage: Today’s individual and group health plans have cost sharing “gaps” in the form of high deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and non-covered treatments. Additionally, there are often non-medical costs involved with an Injury Accident. The Grand American Plan is a perfect complement to help supplement these unexpected out-of-pocket expenses

Cash Benefits Paid Directly to Policyholder: Policyholders receive payment directly from the company. Payments can then be used as the policyholder chooses. They can cover out-of-pocket costs associated with their health plan; pay expenses not covered by their health plan chooses. They can; make car or mortgage payments… anything you choose!

No Coordination of Benefits with Healthcare Compliant aka Obamacare Health Plans: Benefits selected under The Grand American Plan are paid regardless of other coverage. This is an advantage over many other supplemental plans which only pay the amounts that aren’t covered by individual or group major medical plans.

Not an Association Group or Discount Plan
Accident coverage issued to associations usually requires the purchase of other services which the policyholder may not need. Also most group association plans are “excess” coverage and they only pay benefits when not covered by another plan. Group coverage is typically not “guaranteed renewable.”

Issue Age Rates: GAP rates are based on each person’s age at time of issue. Some supplemental insurance plans have one rate for everyone regardless of age. Best of all, GAP rates are not subject to increases due to medical inflation.

Guaranteed Renewable: Policyholders can continue coverage simply by paying the premium when due. The plan is guaranteed renewable for life. Other plans may terminate at a specific age or can be cancelled.

No Reduction in Benefits: There is no reduction in benefits at any age. Many supplemental benefits decrease as much as 50% and as early as age 65. GAP coverage continues and is a perfect complement to Medicare plans!

Simplified Underwriting: A short on-line application and simplified underwriting make this plan quick and easy to apply.  The benefits selected determine the number of questions that need to be answered. There are no paramedical exams or medical record requests. Contact Us to Help You Fill Out Application in about 10 minutes.

Portable Coverage: Changing individual or group health plan coverage will not interrupt an insured’s coverage under The Grand American Plan. GAP is completely portable.

Can Be Used with HSA-Qualified (High Deductible) Plans: Customers owning a Health Savings Account can purchase GAP. IRS regulations allow supplemental coverage for accidents. Consumers should always consult a tax advisor about tax-related issues