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​Health Benefit Solutions Since 1993 specializes in dental, vision, short term medical, and life insurance.

Insuring Charlotte and All of North Carolina & South Carolina.

Our Agency Provides the Best Value at the Lowest Affordable Cost in the Insurance Industry

Personalized customer service: We always go the extra mile, no matter the special needs such as preexisting health or ongoing health issues that require specialized attention and help get them through the medical underwriting of any insurance company.

Experience: ​Health Benefit Solutions Since 1993 has history and verifiable track record of getting our customers the best value (most benefits for lowest affordable cost) of any type of Health & Life type of insurance product. When a customer knows they are purchasing healthcare coverage at the best value upfront, they remain long term customers and take comfort in trusting us to keep their Healthcare Costs Affordable even as other insurance costs continue to increase yearly.

Educating Consumers: We assist our customers and help educate them by doing price versus benefit comparison shopping before making a purchase! This proven process ensures that they will get the best value and benefit at the lowest affordable cost. ​Health Benefit Solutions Since 1993 strives to match our customers with the insurance coverage that best meets each individual’s current needs and budget. We help evaluate all your options and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire process.

Support: Determining what is the best value in insurance coverage all by yourself can be very risky. Why? There are hundreds of different Health Insurance plan configurations to pick from. Many are very confusing and too complex for a non insurance expert to understand the details of so many different health plans, and that is where we step in to support our customers through the process!

Expertise: Our customers have found a trusted insurance agency with a long history of experience, knowledge and a national reputation that represents several of the largest National Insurance companies in order to give them honest and objective advice on which health plan out of hundreds available in each state will give them the best value that best meets their current wants needs and budget!

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