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Solutions for Common Concerns Relating to
Your Health Benefits

Are you waiting for effective coverage or need immediate coverage for the short term?

SOLUTION: Supplemental insurance plans offer low cost options for critical illness, accident, or short term medical.

Need Short Term Supplemental Coverage?

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Are office visits and prescription costs too costly with your current health care coverage? ​ We have a solution!  

Healthiest You's telemedicine solution will reduce office visit costs up to 70%,  improve wellness, and reduce Rx expenses.

Healthcare Reform: We're here to make it easier and more simplified for your benefit!

The #1 Online Health Benefit Solution! 

Our Promise to Our Current & Future Customers: "You will get the best value in healthcare benefits.” 

You will get the most health benefits for the lowest affordable cost for every dollar spent monthly on a cost versus benefit comparison basis of all similar products and services I could find.  Buying health benefits is confusing and too complicated for the average consumer. 

​We use our 21 years of experience and knowledge to do the price versus benefit comparison shopping for you of all health benefits to ensure our customers always get the biggest bang for every dollar they spend yearly at an affordable cost as healthcare costs increase yearly!

Do you want to reduce or eliminate your higher out of pocket expenses?

SOLUTION: Gap insurance plans cover you for pennies a day and premiums do not increase.
Are you concerned about being unable to work due to a critical illness or disability?

SOLUTION: Affordable life insurance plans pay you cash while living and at the time of death.

Loss of Income Due to Critical Illness/Disabled?

High Co-Pays & Out-of-Pocket Deductibles?